Heffron Drive at 971 KZHT

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"Coachella Day 1, 2014" #kevinschmidt and i having a brother weekend (missing Kenneth of course) First day was a blast, now for #saturday

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Kendall Schmidt on new music and those 'BTR' rumors

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UM Single Review: Heffron Drive – “Parallel”



Heffron Drive“Parallel”
Record Label: TOLBooth Records
Release Date: March 25, 2014
Reviewed By: Kathleen Carpo-Garcia

“Parallel” is the first studio release from Heffron Drive in over five years. Singer Kendall Schmidt had been selected as a member for Big Time Rush in 2009 when Heffron Drive was just starting to take off, which has put off any releases from the group until now. While the boyband is currently taking a break, Kendall took the opportunity to go back to join forces again with guitarist Dustin Belt to release a new single. Along with a live band, Heffron Drive first performed “Parallel” at a SXSW showcase in March.

The song starts with a mellow acoustic guitar and soft vocals. It is soon met with a beat that drops as the chorus kicks in. After the chorus, the guitar is solo again, this time with a faster tempo. Timing in this song is well played, starting slow at first then speeding to build up to the chorus. It is clear that there are some EDM influences here (Kendall has made it no secret that he is a big fan of the genre). The song has the right blend of rock with just a touch of dance.

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Kendall Schmidt talks new music with BeautifulBallad (by Beautiful Ballad)

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WATCH: Kendall Schmidt’s band Heffron Drive chats with 93.3 FLZ during their radio station visit

Click HERE to view performances and photos on 93.3 FLZ Website

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10 Days of Kendall: Fanlala Interview Masterpost

Kendall Schmidt’s Fav KCA Moment (Day 1) // What does Kendall Schmidt think of James Maslow on DWTS? (Day 2) // Kendall Schmidt’s Dream Fan Date! (Day 3) // Kendall Schmidt Talks New Single Parallel! (Date 4) // What’s The Difference…

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Look what I found on set yesterday. Made me miss my little babe!

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