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Happy Mistakes, 2014. (x)

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EXCLUSIVE: Kendall Schmidt Talks Dating Advice And Reveals His Date Pet Peeve!

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Heffron Drive discuss their tour, album, and more!

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Heffron Drive’s Happy Mistakes hit stores September 9th 2014! Preorder it now on iTunes (Standard Edition) and iTunes (Deluxe Edition)

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Kendall Schmidt of Big Time Rush + Heffron Drive - Stuff Fans Say - Episode 2

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More Kendall Schmidt! This time, he’s answering fans’ burning questions.

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Kendall Schmidt Interview: ‘Happy Mistakes,’ Heffron Drive Tour + More

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Heffron Drive performing ‘Happy Mistakes’ at Variety Playhouse in Atlanta 

Had to Be PanamaEverything Has ChangedDivison Of The Heart | Art of Moving On | Feels So Good | NicotineNot AloneOne Track Mind

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Heffron Drive’s Kendall Schmidt Talks New Album & Shows Off Dance Moves!

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