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We just posted a brand new episode of Bus Invaders featuring Kendall Schmidt (from Big Time Rush) and Dustin Belt, from the pop rock band, Heffron Drive (TOLBooth Records), taking you on a tour of their bus, during the Happy Mistakes Tour. You should go watch the video at

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Get ready for the new Heffron Drive episode of Bus Invaders by subscribing on our YouTube channel! »»>

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#TheDBeltBlog Episode 8 - “Southern Hospitality!”

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One proud Grandma Boots! Thank to everyone for coming to the show

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Heffron Drive Talks Debut Album “Happy Mistakes”

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We caught up with Heffron Drive's Kendall Schmidt in an interview during the Happy Mistakes Tour stop in Dallas, TX this past Tuesday. Hear about how this tour differs from last year's tour, the making and finalizations of the album, future music videos, the most memorable event for the band, and find out what Kendall is planning for Halloween and what is his current jam all in this interview!

Happy Mistakes is now available on iTunes or in stores. For more information visit 

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Kendall, Kevin, and Kathy Schmidt on Hell’s Kitchen

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Heffron Drive performing ‘Happy Mistakes’ in Vermont

Everything Has Changed | Parallel | Nicotine (soundcheck)

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